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Courteous Professional Service

Minnesota Limousine Service has the absolute most knowledgeable and courteous team of chauffeurs in the state. Why rely on any other provider with your time and comfort?

Special Occasions in Minnesota

We focus on making any kind of occasion unforgettable, from bachelor parties, wedding transportation or simply a night on the town, we have the limo selection to fulfill your distinct needs!

Elegant Limo Service at the Most Affordable Prices

Minnesota Limousine Service gives you more possibilities than any other limousine provider in Minnesota and for a reasonable low price!

Minnesota Limousine Service is your ideal choice for transportation and driver services in Minnesota. Our dependable and elegant service can't be beat! For any occasion, we can give you the arrival you're searching for! All of our services are tailor-made, call and speak with one of our reservation representatives right now to create yours! 1-877-976-0542

Minnesota Limousine Service: Sharing Excellence

Do you have a particular occasion coming up? Or maybe the need to travel in style? Minnesota Limousine Service is of the highest quality for your necessities. By the unparalleled quality of vehicles and esteemed professionals, this limousine service is the epitome of high-class.

Minnesota Limousine Service provides prompt service; if you have an important schedule to hold or require your ride to arrive at just the appropriate point in time, this experience will be individualized to your exact objectives. Because this service is devoted to bringing the highest standards concurrently, your location and selection of ride is made available by means of an exclusive network of affiliate limousine companies. Each one must make the cut to be presented to you, as patrons of Minnesota Limousine Service are of the highest concern.

Everything for the clients of Minnesota Limousine Service is achieved by attention to detail and dedication to first-rate service. Each of the limousines obtainable for your range of choices is kept in top form with regular maintenance and care. Every vehicle must meet high expectations before becoming available to every valued client. While the ride is an important element of your experience, the excellent quality of each chauffeur employed by Minnesota Limousine Service is the assurance that you will have the very best. By selecting Minnesota Limousine Service, excellence is only the beginning of your experience.

The Rich Heritage: Tradition of the Limousine

The Origin of Limousines

The heritage encompassing the limousine is suffused by a history of quality. This story starts back in the days that the method of transport was by way of horse or horse pulled carriage. At its outset, the limousine was born from the innovation of a separated cover for the carriage. This alteration sat the passengers independently from the driver. Time elapsed, technology advanced, and many things have progressed to bring us to the much more recent evolution of the limousine.

Note of Interest: The term limousine comes from the region of Limousin, France. The name was derived from a type of cloak worn in the area. The cloak was worn to shield the wearer from the elements; the moniker was derived due to its comparable quality of covering the passengers as well as having a hood to shelter the operator from the weather conditions.

Aging With Dignity

If you hear the term limousine, more than likely you envision a lovely vehicle with an absurdly long body. This attribute was added in the late 1920's, conceiving what was called "big band buses," adapted to make room for the musical groups and their instruments.

It wasn't very long until the concept caught on of delivering visitors from airports to their hotels, still using the capability of all that additional room for additional packages. Finally, when limousines were adopted by the show business industry, the notion of a long bodied cabin became a fad once more perpetrated by the upper class. Today, the limousine is the epitome of high class transportation.

The Assortment You Should Anticipate

The collection of limousines offered by Minnesota Limousine Service is the most substantial list in the state of Minnesota. Any desire you have, the most ideal day highlighted by an elegant limousine, this is the opportunity to make it come about.

For Your Heart's Desire

Regardless of what the event may be, there is a limousine for it. From weddings to birthdays to corporate and business occasions, the capacity for variation is astounding. Dream it and call Minnesota Limousine Service and it will be an unforgettable experience.

Exceptional Customer Service

Service experts are ready on the line to be sure you are able to swiftly plan your experience effortlessly. As with every aspect of Minnesota Limousine Service, you will be greeted by friendly and beneficial counsel. And, being authorities on the subject, each will be able to respond to any concerns you may have.

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Every Event has a Perfect Match

Personalized Limos for your Wedding

Your big day is full of important moments, and every little thing needs to be perfect. Your transportation shouldn't be any different. Minnesota Limousine Service is the absolute best in the business to take care of you. One less thing to fret about!

Minnesota Management and business and Group Transportation

In group gatherings, there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than everything operating according to schedule. Be it for seminars, special events, or a celebration, Minnesota Limousine Service has the timely and proficient accommodations you are searching for. When you're looking to keep everybody together and ensure that everything is functioning on schedule, it is through first-rate service that your plan of actions will be kept and your people will be safe and on time.

Prom / Graduation Limo Services in Minnesota

Minnesota Limousine Service is the best way to add style to your big day. Imagine yourself reaching this huge turning point in your life with classiness. Because we tailor this to your precise needs for the occasion, you can bet that it will be perfect.

Airport Transport in Minnesota

There is a refined elegance about limousines, class that would make the perfect impression on a celebrated guest. If you want the finest transport waiting to take away all the worry of airport traffic, then Minnesota Limousine Service has a selection that is paragon.

Various Other Limo Services In Minnesota

For every single occasion that you can imagine being improved by the appearance of a limousine, Minnesota Limousine Service can grant that wish. While proms and weddings create for good reasons to hire a limo, there is no end to the possibilities. This is a stylish way to share yourself at any occasion. If you believe that a limo would make for a fantastic addition to a bar mitzvah, all you need is to contact us to get started. Would your quinceaƱera be absolutely awesome with the beauty of a limousine? Let's arrange it with each other. That wish can come true. Minnesota Limousine Service will make certain it is exactly how you imagine it to be.